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gREen Glass presence

• Városi majális (City Festival)
• ZARE – Antirasszista világnap/Gödör klub
  (World Anti-racist Day/Gödör club)
• Stargarden festival
• Balaton Sound
• Hegyalja Music Festival
• Reggae Camp
• Művészetek Völgye (Valley of Arts)
• Bánkitó Festival
• ConCordia Internatioanl Scout Jamboree
• SZIN - Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok (Szeged Youth Days)
• Triatlon World Cup
• Fenntarthatósági Nap (Sustainability Day)
• BNV - Budapesti Nemzetközi Vásár (Budapest International Fair)
• Faludy 100 festival/Gödör club
• Kertész utcai Utcabál (Street Jamboree)
• Eric Sumo concert/Gödör club
• ELTE Tanítóképző Főiskola bankett (Teacher Training College Dinner)
• FöldKelte Találkozó/Tűzraktér (EarthRising Festival)
• Nulla Hulladék hét záróesemény/Corvintető
  (Zero Waste Week Closing Ceremony)

Anita Kiss / Climate ambassador of the British Council

The most important task of a dedicated environmental professional is to show people that they have the power and are able to make changes. GREen Glass somehow symbolizes this way of life. By simply refilling our glasses we have reduced the amount of generated waste, which does not have to be stored or burnt, therefore we can avoid unnecessary greenhouse gas emission.

Béla Bukovinszky / Hegyalja Music Festival, organiser

Hungarian organisers first met ReGlasses in Western, mainly German festivals about ten years ago; we (Hegyalja organisers) launched a plan for the Hungarian adaptation in 2006, but due to the high costs - mainly as the consequence of the lack of tenders and the objection of big waste generation festival sponsors, beer and soft drink producers - the initiative was a failure. Fortunately attitudes changed by 2008: tenders offered financial support for the implementation and we could persuade one of the main sponsors, Borsodi Sörgyár, of the benefits of the system.

Réka Cseresnyés / Triatlon World Cup,
Green Triatlon project-manager

Triatlon World Cup in Budapest launched several environment conscious programmes through its Green Triatlon project. The objective of the programme was to reduce pollution and waste throughout the event along with the strong presence of recycling. The organisers, in cooperation with their Hungarian and international partners, applied environment friendly solutions, like supporting and incenting public transport, selective waste management, gREen Glass system and the Green Island expo promoting environment conscious partners and programmes.